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Star Trek Beyond: Review

Posted By on Aug 15, 2016

Hi, it’s Rohan from the Teenage Takeover and this will be a new feature on the Kick it radio’s website where I write a review for every other film I see!

I now bring you the 5th instalment of the Star Trek series which came out on July 22nd 2016. The film follows Star Fleet and The Enterprise’s journey’s around space and the problems that they face on their trek. The film begins in a comedic way where Captain Kirk is trying to exchange a deal with some more creatures which look humongous but turn out to be tiny, I thought that this scene was ineffective and after it finished a lot of the audience were confused as to why it was needed and the point of it. If someone had never seen Star Trek and they wanted to watch this film, then I feel that they would be extremely confused. The film also continues Spock’s relationship with… and for the first 30 mins, I’m not going to lie, I was very confused at how they had appointed this lady who was in danger and how she led them to danger. Unlike the modern day Sci-Fi film, this film was very predictable and that made it very hard to enjoy however, with it being predictable, it was also very confusing as they tried to incorporate too many stories and sectors to the film and it ended up becoming very confusing.

I was happy to see Simon Pegg’s Scotty given a bigger role in the film as he brings a great comedic effect to the film and his sub-story was personally my favourite with him bringing his experience and likeability. And unlike the other star trek films, it (kind of) has its own individuality instead of it being too similar to Star Wars and that brought back the old Star Trek that we all know and love. With the film being directed by the Fast and Furious director, he had to include motorbikes which was an unnecessary benefit to the film and was somehow extremely effective. I enjoyed the introduction of the character ‘Lassie’ who was an incredible benefit and made the film more interesting than I was expecting.

Overall the film, I thought, could’ve been cut down to 1hr 30 but I can’t fault the effort and I found that the way they included Leonard Nimoy as Spock’s father and that he had passed away as Spock’s father which was interesting. However, I would give the film a 6/10 that is a must-see, family film that is entertaining, however not the best screenplay you have seen in the franchise.

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